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Newsletter Week 27

August 14, 2019

White male sponsorship is associated with higher pay for black and Hispanic women, underscoring the importance of white male leaders committing to allyship. Larger size people at work are often undervalued and underpaid, even in today’s red-hot talent market. And the importance of getting a person’s name right, even if it’s unfamiliar to you (hint: the key is practice!)

Newsletter Week 26

July 31, 2019

A new study shows that companies are still getting resume screening wrong...even when they are committed to hiring diverse candidates. Also, check out the 2019 Disability Equality Index, and learn why many journalists don't believe they can spot flawed academic research.

Newsletter Week 25

July 17, 2019

LinkedIn’s new report on corporate learning and development has implications for your D&I education program. Plus, some bite-size best practices for diverse recruiting, and guidance on when to use the word "racist."