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October 30, 2019

This week A primer on psychological safety. Also, another proof point that diversity is good for the bottom line, this one from the eminent and business-friendly Wall Street Journal. Engaging white men in DEI discussions: some tips for effective facilitation. Finally, how Gap Inc. created a win, in a fashion industry with more than its share of failures this year.

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Newsletter Week 34

October 2, 2019

LinkedIn’s #PlusOnePledge is a small, real step individuals can take to make their networks more open and inclusive. Not a silver bullet, though. Plus, the academic evidence for inclusion and how it translates to workplace practices. As the developed world ages, we must figure out how to effectively engage older workers. Finally, D&I is increasingly part of the curriculum in MBA programs. Leading academics share what works.

Newsletter Week 33

September 25, 2019

Ditching your performance reviews can actually increase bias. Use these tips to make your reviews better instead. Also, can asking for advice rather than feedback make executives more receptive to D&I conversations? A tool for explaining and exploring gender identity. Finally, allyship, in the words of six international executives from Netflix

Newsletter Week 32

September 18, 2019

How do we make family leave inclusive of all kinds of families and caregiving needs? Also, new research finds that people think diversity is good...but for your team, not mine. Investors do care about gender diversity, and reward a company through a stock bump, says a new study from Stanford. Tips for getting access to academic databases for free. Finally, an executive-ready article about why inclusion is as important as diversity, if not more so.

Newsletter Week 31

September 11, 2019

This week: Nokia found a pay gap. Then they fixed it. Plus, being “fat” at work is hard work. New research explores the lived experience of “fatness,” how people cope, and how companies can help. “We blew it,” says Forbes, about their “Most Innovative Leaders” list that included 99 men and one woman. Finally, a guide to September 11, plus a fact-based look at terrorism around the world.