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Week 2 Newsletter

February 5, 2019

Welcome to D&I In Practice, Week Two. We are delighted to be starting this business in the Chinese Year of the Pig—an animal that symbolizes optimism and hard work! 

Here is our original content for this week, followed by a roundup of the most recent, relevant D&I news, research and opinion for senior corporate leaders. We provide you with the D&I information you need to speak with confidence to your peers, employees and investors about this business-critical topic.

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Top picks from D&I In Practice

The Powerful Link Between the C-Suite and ERGs (D&I In Practice Original)

CEOs often wonder how they can demonstrate support for people representing diversity in the workplace...and how they can leverage that diversity to drive innovation. Spending meaningful time with employee resource groups (ERGs)—and visibly rewarding managers and other leaders for doing so—is part of the answer.

China is All In on Inclusion. But on Its Own Terms (D&I In Practice Original)

China’s political leadership is signaling the strategic importance of inclusion to China. But what does inclusion mean in a Chinese professional workplace? And what constitutes diversity? Em Roblin talks about her experiences coaching Chinese companies and professionals, including the very different way diversity is defined in China.

How EY Made LBGT Inclusiveness Part of Its Culture (D&I In Practice Original)

LGBT inclusiveness can be a signal for your company’s attitude towards diversity. Part of the key: Making LGBT inclusion part of your conversation with everyone, from potential employees to senior executives. Chris Crespo shares some of EY’s journey and lessons learned in a Q&A.

More News

Amazon Names a New Director and Activists Cheer (Recode)

Yesterday, Amazon has named Rosalind Brewer to its board of directors. Ms. Brewer is Starbuck’s COO, former CEO of Sam’s Club  and an African-American woman. Amazon’s move will embolden activists both inside and outside companies to continue their demands for concrete, visible diversity gains.

#MeToo Puts Harassment Claims Risk on Radar of Major Insurers (The Intercept)

Some insurance companies say they are no longer offering employment practices liability insurance to certain industries, because of the elevated risk of harassment claims. In a recent survey conducted by an insurance industry advisory firm and reported by The Intercept, insurers specifically mentioned avoiding the legal, financial services and entertainment industries. While there are still plenty of insurers to go around, companies may increasingly be required to show that they are using best practices---such as confidential third-party harassment reporting--in order to get and keep coverage.


Psychological Safety at Work is About Candor...Not Being Nice (Harvard Business Review)

Amy Edmondson of Harvard University talks about psychological safety,—what she describes as ”a belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions concerns or mistakes”—and how to build it at work. Psychological safety, a term Edmondson coined, is often called the strongest predictor of team performance and is necessary for diverse teams to perform at their best.


Male Peers Act as Allies for Professional Women (Center for Gender in Organizations, Simmons University)

Nearly 75 percent of women surveyed by Simmons University report men acting as allies in the workplace, with male peers (not bosses) being the most common source of support. To be more effective as allies, men should deepen their own understanding of gender through self-education and allyship training, as well as learn how to navigate potential backlash against themselves.


One CEO Got a Haircut and Built a New Network (Fast Company)

The CEO of Treehouse shares how he grew the company’s pipeline of diverse candidates by going places where he was in the minority.

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