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Newsletter Week 24

July 10, 2019

This week:

  • Pay equity questions extend beyond gender, as a new survey of LGBTQ+ employees in the UK points out.

  • Workday is committed to hiring locally and it shows. What is your local hiring strategy and how does it help or hinder diversity?

  • Virtual reality can help people take the perspectives of others, but the results so far are mixed.

  • Check out this video of the Gender Equality in 2019 Symposium from Stanford’s Clayman Institute for Gender Research.

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Today in News and Research

1. The UK Has an LGBTQ Pay Gap (

A survey of 4,000 LGBTQ+-identifying employees in the UK showed a 16% salary gap with straight employees. Commissioned by LinkedIn and Black Pride, and executed by YouGov, the survey also shows that up to a quarter of LGBTQ+ employees in the UK will not reveal their identity at work. 

I’ve been looking for the underlying figures to evaluate the methodology, so far with no luck. But it’s clear that pay equity concerns extend beyond gender (the vast coverage of the US women’s soccer team’s pay equity dispute notwithstanding). Employers should be prepared for questions about how pay stacks up along dimensions like race, LGBTQ status, and national origin.

2. This Bay Area “Best Places To Work” Employer Draws Mainly from These 15 Universities (San Francisco Business Times)

Hiring locally can be a big boost for diversity, especially when focusing on public colleges with more diverse student bodies. Workday is committed to its local hiring strategy. Eleven of the top 15 schools for employees are in California (unusually for tech, Stanford isn’t one of them). Three more are in Ireland, the location of Workday’s European headquarters. There’s no indication that local hiring is explicitly a diversity strategy, but Workday’s leadership in D&I is widely acknowledged in the industry. What better way to invest locally than by sending paychecks back into the community?

3. Using Virtual Reality Could Make You a Better Person in Real Life (The Conversation)

Researchers increasingly find that virtual reality experiences affect real-world attitudes, including our biases.  From the article:

The ability to embody a virtual avatar blurs the lines between what’s going on in the headset and what’s happening in real life. It feeds the freedom to explore and experiment, whether that’s with a different personality, gender or physicality.

Academics have explored VR as a tool for decreasing racial bias and combating ageism, with mixed results. Start-ups like Vantage Point are even using VR to create more realistic sexual harassment training. Both the technology and the underlying training scenarios have a long way to go, but it’s clearly a trend to watch.

4. Gender Equality in 2019 (Stanford Clayman Institute for Gender Research)

This symposium celebrates Dr. Shelley Correll’s work on gender equality, and includes research insights from colleagues and collaborators such as Dr. Adina Sterling (Stanford Graduate School of Business), Dr. Erin Cech (University of Michigan) and Dr. David Pedulla (Stanford). You can also read the write-up here.

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