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How Did Our 2019 Predictions Turn Out?

Some were spot on...and some less so. Read on to find out.

Happy birthday to us! For one full year, D&I in Practice has been bringing you the latest in D&I research, news and analysis from around the world. To celebrate, let's take a look back at some of the predictions I made in our very first edition and see how they turned out:

Global D&I continues to evolve. 

In PwC’s 2019 global benchmarking survey 87 percent of respondents stated that D&I was a stated priority for their organization. But companies are still struggling with defining common priorities, programming and language across geographies and cultures. On the bright side, as companies internationally invest in more D&I hiring, there will be more resources to address these issues of cross-cultural D&I implementation.

Transparency will continue to up the stakes

Greater visibility into how companies are doing around pay equity and representational diversity has increased visibility into these critical topics. But I have not seen hard data on how (or whether) visibility is translating into progress. If anything, the time to equal pay appears to be lengthening.

Increased scrutiny around AI and algorithmic bias in HR processes. 

Concerns about how AI might replicate real-world bias have only continued to grow, with organizations from the Algorithmic Justice League to McKinsey expressing concerns. But concern is not slowing down adoption; the AI market is expected to grow by over 50% a year for the next five years (and I'm betting longer). Guess we need to figure this out, STAT.

Highly-paid employees using their bargaining power to win protections for more vulnerable workers. 

Google and some other tech companies did end forced arbitration for sexual harassment claims--a victory for advocates inside the company. But overall, employee activism took a hit in 2019. Google's high-profile firings of employee organizers chilled the environment considerably, and sparked an ongoing conversation about how much social good companies should really be expected to take on, and who should be driving that agenda.

More big ideas. 

Nope. Despite exciting new initiatives, such as Caroline Casey's The Valuable 500, I haven't seen that big idea that will let us leapfrog into a more equitable future. Which just reinforces the fact that there are no quick fixes. Creating change on the ground is a long, challenging road. All the more reasons to celebrate the little wins along the way!

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