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Research Week 20

Making On-Campus Technology Recruiting Welcoming to Women: A Checklist

Are your college recruiting events welcoming to women? This research-based checklist can help.

Potential employees come to your on-campus recruiting sessions to learn about what the company does…and also to figure out whether they will fit in with your company culture. This diagnostic tool will help you fine-tune your recruiting sessions to be inclusive and welcoming to women (Please note: this tool focuses on women, not on people whose gender is non-binary. As the research evolves, we will certainly update the tool!)

The tool works best if it's scored by people with some exposure to D&I concepts. Front-line recruiters without some background and/or training probably won't get the most out of it. The tool will work best if you ask one person to observe and report on the session, with no other responsibilities.

All of the questions are based on academic research about what increases or decreases women's interest in STEM. We didn't add in all the research cites, in order to keep the length manageable. For example, there is a question about "geeky" references in recruiting sessions: mentions of Star Trek, Star Wars, anime, etc. Of course individual women might like these "geeky" cultural references! However, academic research shows that, under certain circumstances, these references can be more alienating for women than for men. We are working on a research guide, which will explain and link to the research underlying each question. 

We are interested in your experience with this checklist! Does it help? Are there questions you would add? Send any feedback to

Download the checklist here.



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