Accelerating Change, Every Day.

Welcome to D&I In Practice! Our mission is to help you create change in your organization by providing insightful news, features, opinions and research-based best practices about diversity and inclusion. We cover a wide spectrum of diversity dimensions and we think globally—just as you must do in your business. 

I came to diversity and inclusion after a 20-year career in technology. After my children were born, I went to the Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford (now the VMware Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab.) At Stanford,  I had the privilege of orchestrating the Clayman Corporate Program, in which world-class academics partnered with leading practitioners of D&I to use social science research to create meaningful, sustainable change. 

I created D&I In Practice to accelerate this change. Our world desperately needs breakthrough thinking in business, in government and even in daily life. We all have the power to create a more inclusive, equitable, hopeful world together, by starting where we are. I hope D&I In Practice will give you insight, tools and hope for your journey.

My Promise to You:

  • Quality before quantity. We only publish resources that you can trust, those that are based in social science research and established best practices;  
  • Fact before opinion. We like research, evidence and objective reporting. Opinion pieces are clearly labeled as such;
  • Nuance before oversimplification. The real world is complicated. We avoid clickbait and outrage videos. We strive to be clear and thoughtful about how D&I plays out in the real world—in all its messiness.

What You Can Expect:

  • News. We offer original insights on D&I topics that are under-explored by the mainstream media. Once a week, we also provide our commentary on breaking news in diversity and inclusion;
  • Research. We showcase the latest research and highlight what it means for your business;
  • Opinion. We bring you thought leaders from business, academia and government who share their own successes, failures and lessons learned about diversity and inclusion;
  • Best Practices. We curate the most relevant resources from around the world with an eye toward tools that you can use to lead meaningful conversations about diversity and inclusion in your organization.

One final note: We are building D&I In Practice for you. That means we want to hear from you! Please let us know what you think and how we can better support you in your mission to change your organization for the better. Thank you for embarking on this journey with us.

In pursuit of a better world,
Terra Terwilliger and the D&I In Practice Team